Ofjord på Island.
Island ,Ofjord er fjorden ved Akureyri  men du kan læse mere om islandske dragter her

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Akureyri, the picturesque "capital" of north Iceland, received its municipal charter in 1862. The fishing industry has long been the major source of livelihood for residents of the area, but in recent years various industries have also been established. Some 15,000 people live in Akureyri proper, and areas surrounding the town are growing rapidly. Akureyri serves as the hub of business and services in northern Iceland, and its role as an educational center is important and growing.Akureyri is located at the base of Eyjafj÷r­ur fjord, a beautiful region that enjoys great popularity with lovers of nature and outdoor activities.The Eyjafj÷r­ur district has diverse hiking trails such as those at Glerßrdalur as well as the unforgettable woods at Kjarnaskˇgur, and the nature reserve Svarfa­ardalur. There are many opportunities for fishing and hunting, among them sea fishing and salmon and trout fishing, for beginners and experts alike. Horse rentals are available for short rides and longer ventures. In addition, there are three golf courses in the area,among them the world's northernmost 18-hole course.The Eyjafj÷r­ur district is one of the most popular vacation spots in Iceland, offering the opportunity for many activities, including tours by bus, plane, and boat to such destinations as GrÝmsey, the island that crosses the Arctic Circle, and to the spectacular conservation area Mřvatn.Watercraft rentals, jeep tours, snowmobiles, and sailing by the midnight sun are all offered, and many of the district's wonders are also easy to visit on one's own, including museums of interest such as Nonnah˙s, home of Rev. Jˇn Sveinsson, author of the much-loved "Nonni" stories that have been translated into 40 languages; DavÝ­sh˙s, home of one of Iceland's poet laureates; and Laufßs, the restored church and farmhouse from the mid-19th century. Concerts to suit all musical tastes are a regular part of the scene in Akureyri and environs, and you'll be able to treat yourself to tempting fare at the area's many fine restaurants.

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Jeg synes ikke det er seri°st, at du bruger mine billeder uden at forttŠlle, hvor du har dem fra. Det er skammeligt - bring det venligt i orden.

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